A timeline of events that may or may not be important to the campaign.

CY : Common Year reckoning – the calendar initiated by the Oeridians as a landmark of the Great Kingdom’s regional dominion.(See wikipedia entry)

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-700 CY
The Kingdom of Sulm is destroyed by its last king, Shattados
-446 CY
Suloise migrations begin.
-422 CY
Suloise Mages of Power call down the Invoked Devastation upon the Baklunish. In retaliation, Baklunish spellcasters bring down the Rain of Colorless Fire upon the Suloise Imperium, transforming the empire in the Sea of Dust.
1 CY
The Common Year is established as the system of reckoning by Grand Prince Nasran I of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy.
375 CY
The Free City of Greyhawk achieves its first period of greatness under the rulership of Zagig Yragerne
479 CY
The might of Iuz grows. Humanoid invasions become common.
582-584 CY
Greyhawk Wars

590 CY
Campaign starts here – The heroes leave Greyhawk and board the ship to Stillsqual from Hardby.


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