Herbert the Duck

Unneeded Comic Relief Gnome Bard


Quite weak, very agile, quite healthy, quite smart and very charismatic.

Dressed in bad taste clothing topped of by a small leather coif with the admittedly skillful addition of a duck as a mockery of a knight’s helm and insignia. His clothes do a bad job of hiding a leather armour.

Carries a short sword and a light wooden crossbow.

Has a backpack I wouldn’t touch with a stick ,more akin to the marriage of a bag of holding and a bag of many things!

Completes his chivalrous image by riding his war… donkey… Marvin!—


Semi NPC; PC turned NPC indefinitely

Infamous local bard with modest knowledge of the lands and histories. Also accomplished guide who at least did his job once!

Not that much use in a fight and not that great an entertainer on the other hand…

He was last seen following Donathos and the the twins (Thorn and Misty) leaving the safety of The Boar’s Head.

Herbert the Duck

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