Donathos Beltasor

Necessary Campaign-Resident Mysterious Figure


Seems Human.

Quite agile, extremely smart, wise and quite charismatic.

The man dresses in plain clothes that almost hide a cured-leather armor underneath.

He carries a walking staff that doubles as a weapon but easily resorts to a short sword or short bow.

His backpack shows experience in packing and adventuring.


(Semi-NPC – sometimes played as PC)

Unknown past.

Has requested the PC’s help in transporting Thorn and Misty to a larger settlement than Duvik’s Pass.

He was last seen leaving “The Boar’s Head” with the two kids in two and Herbert the duck accompanying them. seemingly ignoring the party’ suggestions. They told the owner (Rugar) they were headed for the Guild of mages.

Donathos Beltasor

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